Ranges Available at Siege Works Studios.

WarTimes 28mm ranges and a selection of the 20mm Unit Packs are now available from Drew at Siege Works Studios. This is a great alternate source of WarTimes figures in particular during my work times.

Important: November/December Trading Details

During work periods I will not be able to process orders.I will also have limted email/internet access so may not be able to respond to your queries as quickly during this time.

From 18 November until 18 December 2016 I will be away with work.You can submit orders as per normal, but I will not be able to process and send your order until my return in December. From which time it will be done ASAP.

Any questions, please contact me.


20mm WWII "Unit Packs" Added

This new selection of "Unit Packs" will consist of on average 10 figures configured from within their respective ranges and with a few "new" figures added (See the Italians for an example).

These packs are a great addition to the standard 4 figure packs currently on offer.

Each pack will be broken down into Rifles, HQ and Support options and should suit most game systems whether RFII, BattleGroup CoC etc.

As an example with the Late British, 3 rifle packs, 1 HQ and 1 support pack will provide the core figures needed for BattleGroup and all for $65 (Australian).

Mid/Late British, Italians, Desert/Pacific British, German FJ & DAK and more are now available.