I have been called away to work early for 4 weeks. I will not be able to process any orders until my return on about 10 March 2018.

 Apologies for any inconvenience.




2018 Pricing

As I continue to find the right balance between work, family and business I have taken the opportunity to reflect on the direction WarTime Miniatures has been taking and where it will go over the next 12 months. 

I had been planning and preparing WarTime to start supplying to shops/distributors with the packs and pricing model changed to reflect that. I have also provided discounts to a few groups as a way of supporting the hobby. 

After careful consideration I have decided while the new pack arrangements have worked well, I would prefer to focus on supplying direct to you rather than using 3rd parties. Additionally, I think everyone should benefit from better pricing which in turn with your support allows me to continue making figures.

With that in mind I am cancelling all group discount offers and will be reducing most WarTime Miniature packs by 10%-15%. 

The new prices will be guaranteed for 2018 with a review at the end of the year. There will be no discount sales etc ensuring that you get the same price regardless of when you visit the store.

Any questions please ask.